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We're in what I call the "Value Economy." I call it this because before we ever do any business with anyone, we want them to give us value before we ever buy a thing.

Giving value freely does not always come at a cost. Value can be in the form of an idea, a gift...or self-discovery through a personality quiz.

I've tried quiz platforms like Survey Monkey and Lead Quizzes in the past, and each came up short. They either didn't deliver on generating leads, or the software was confusing.

Recently, I tried Interact and well...I love it! I created a fun quiz to help users discover What Cereal Describes Their Marketing Style, and had some amazing results.

Instead of just sharing the results, I thought I would share the process as well.

Creating the Quiz

Brainstorming Through The Process

There were three things I kept in mind when creating the "What Cereal Describes Your Marketing Style" quiz:

  1. Quiz Enjoyment
  2. Brand Personality
  3. Industry Authority

Quiz Enjoyment

People love to know about themselves - even silly things. I mean, who hasn't taken the quiz to figure out which house they belong in? (Any Hufflepuff here?)

I first heard about the effectiveness of using quizzes to generate leads and build your list from one of my favorite Facebook Ad Podcasts, The Art of Paid Traffic.

One of the key elements Chanti Zakariasen (guest on the mentioned podcast), brought up was the element of fun.

Not only should the quiz be fun, but it should have some personality in it as well.

Brand Personality

When taking this quiz, I want my audience to get a glimpse into who I am and know me.

Because cereal is such a part of who I am as a person and my personality, I want to make it a part of my brand as well.

Industry Authority

I'm a digital marketer - it's what I do. Every piece of content I publish should relate itself, in one way or another, to marketing.

That is why industry authority is so important to this quiz. I could have left this as a "What Type of Cereal Are You" quiz, but I could not convincingly tie that to marketing and Facebook Ads.

By saying, "What Cereal Describes Your Marketing Style," I am able to make this fun quiz, show a bit of my enjoyment for cereal, and CLEARLY relate this to the marketing industry.

Template, or No Template?


One of the best features, in my opinion, about Interact is it's quiz creation platform - specifically the templates.

There are templates to choose from to help users make an interactive quiz using industry specific templates. Real Estate, Marketing, Photography...it's all there!

There is also the ability to create a template from scratch, which is what I opted to do. When I use a new software, I like to dive on in and learn as much about it as I can.

And the great thing about this software? Even starting from scratch, the process was incredibly simple.

Grabbing Attention With the Cover


The first element to edit users come across is the cover page.

Now remember, this is still digital marketing, so the quiz has to be attention grabbing and relevant!

There are a myriad of ways to go about getting your cover image. I opted in to used Adobe Stock to find the image of cereal I am using. The reason for this was to buy licensing to use the image, and because of the quality of the images uploaded.

After the image, of course, is the headline, which should be intriguing enough to hint to viewers what the quiz is about. In this case, "If Your Marketing Style Was a Cereal...What Cereal Are You?"

Finally, there is the CTA (Call to Action). The mistake most digital marketers make with their Calls to Action is that it is too vague.

"Take the quiz," isn't engaging, and "Find out now!" lacks the description of what they are finding out.

Using a call to action like, "Discover Your Cereal Type" lets the users know what they will be discovering and draws action by encouraging them to learn more about themselves!

What Questions Should I Ask?


What's a quiz without questions?

When creating the questions for the Marketing Cereal quiz, I was thinking of basic marketing questions I had when starting and who I've studied.

For instance, one of the questions is, "How do you drive traffic to your website?" Often, so many people with websites have no idea how they get views to their websites.

I've learned this through networking, online forums, Facebook Groups, and experience. When they don't know, they usually say, "Word of Mouth."

It's important to think of questions that are related to your industry, each with the promise that it will teach your audience about themselves.

What Results Could They Get?


The quiz headline is, "If Your Marketing Style Was a Cereal...What Cereal Are You?". That means the results should help quiz takers discover what cereal they are!

Coming up with the results really started with thinking of different cereals and their characteristics.

Take Trix cereal and their headline, "Trix are for kids."

Kids are sponges and they are incredibly smart...but everything is so new to them.

Just like kids, new marketers absorb everything they learn about marketing, but it is so new, they don't know where to start.

When users select certain answers that correspond to how they go about marketing, in this quiz, they disclose their cereal type to themselves.

Connecting Integrate with MailChimp


The most important aspect of this quiz is to generate leads and build my list.

When generating leads, it's also best practice to have some sort of follow up action. That's why I integrated Interact with Mailchimp.

When users complete the lead form at the end of the quiz, Interact sends the results over to my list.

I have each result set up as a tag so I can speak directly to where my audience is at, and to remind them of their results.

By utilizing Mailchimp's free automation software, I set up a follow up sequence for users to allow them to schedule a time with me to help with their marketing, bringing them further down my funnel.

Getting the Quiz Live On Site


When adding my quiz to my website, I opted to use a pop-up rather than an embedded code to share my funnel.

The reason for this is because with a pop-up, you take away from the need to scroll down to get to the quiz.

It's front and center, and since you only have 4 seconds to grab a users attention on your website, this will get them right to where they are meant to be.

Because the quiz is the only thing I want them to take action on when they go to my quiz landing page, there is nothing else to do there. Nothing to read or click.

As for how I'm driving traffic to my quiz, I opted to increase website traffic with Facebook ads.

(That only makes sense for a guy who focuses on Facebook Ads, right!?)

As of writing this, my average cost per lead is around $1.22. When creating the ad, I used the same image that is on the cover image for consistency and because of it's attention grabbing imagery.



The Best Tool of Interact


If you can't measure your results, you can't grow them. Analytics isn't always the most fun topic though, and it can be difficult to understand them at times.

The Analytics Funnel in Interact is my favorite feature because it's been given the K.I.S.S treatment...(Keep It Stupid Simple).

In 7 days of running this quiz, I have already grown my list with 52 leads and 28% of users who start the quiz become a lead.


What Do I Think of Interact?

My honest thoughts about Interact...are that I love it!

I have created lead magnet after lead magnet, only for them to have low conversion rates.

By using this quiz, hosted by Interact, I have grown my list faster and more cost effectively than ever.

The simplicity of the platform...the integration abilities...it's all I could want and more.

Let me leave you with a piece of advice.

There are tons of ways to grow your list. PDFs, Webinars, 7 Day Challenges...but if you want quick results and quick wins, then sign up for Interact today and get to building a quiz that converts!



Derek Couts

Written by Derek Couts