Facebook Ads

Yes, it's true. Facebook is almost 15 years old and it's still the top social media platform. But it's so much more than that. Do you remember all of those silly quizzes everyone took? You know, what Hogwarts House do you belong in (Hufflepuff here) or what Hockey Team do you belong on (Predators)?
Those weren't pointless. In fact, every answer you gave told Facebook a little bit more about yourself.
What your favorite color is, how many dogs you own, what line of business you are in...
Facebook has kept track of every answer, which is why Facebook Ads are so powerful.
Because of all the information Facebook has on it's 1.18 Billion Daily Active Users, advertisers can target audiences so effectively, it's scary.
But it's also an opportunity for advertisers.
With the tools that Facebook has provided to advertisers, we can get our message and offers directly in front of the people who believe in our brands.
In order to get your message out, we'll be covering the following topics:
  • The Facebook Pixel
  • How To Increase Website Traffic with Facebook Ads
  • What Are Facebook Video Ads
  • Facebook Lead Generation
  • How to Optimize Facebook Ads

The Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel Definition

If you are unfamiliar with the Facebook Pixel is, it's important to know what it is before creating another Facebook Ad. By installing the Facebook Pixel, you can take full advantage of what Facebook Ads have to offer.

Although you can broadly target your audience using the options provided within the ad manager, by using a Facebook Pixel, you can target audiences that are more likely to engage with your content.

Facebook Lead Generation

One of Facebook Ads greatest tools for Lead Generation it it's Facebook Lead Ads, made with Lead Forms.

By using Facebook Lead Ads, you can create forms that are built inside of Facebook, meaning users never have to leave the app. It may not seem like a big deal, but many users don't want to leave Facebook.

Facebook Lead Ads are also wonderful for websites that have slower load times.

You can read more about Facebook Lead Ads here.