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Why You Need a Wedding Timeline

There's a great saying that if you don't manage your time, your time will control you. When it comes to weddings, this is especially true.

Although it may seem "corporate" to allot time to different parts of your wedding day, without it, things can get out of hand very fast!

Imagine if your ceremony began at 4:00, but you weren't scheduled to have your hair done by 3:00?

Or, consider the chaos it would bring if you expected a 30 minute wedding, but never told the officiant, and ended up having a ceremony that lasted an hour and a half!

Don't think it hasn't happened!

When it comes to creating a timeline, I think of 3 benefits of it that brides tend to not think of.

  1. Vendors will be on the same page
  2. You will be more relaxed
  3. You'll do the things you want to do

1. Vendors will be on the same page

When you have a wedding timeline, and make sure all of the vendors get it, you can expect them to try to go by it. Especially if you have a wedding planner! (Trust me, there is nothing that will keep a vendor on time as much as a great wedding planner / coordinator.)

Think about it.

When all vendors know the Bride has to be at a certain point by 12:30PM, they make sure they are ready for when the bride is ready.

And no vendor wants to be the one that causes them to fall behind.

2. You will be more relaxed

Did you know one of the top things that stresses people out is not knowing what is going on?

With a wedding timeline, even just a basic one, you can have a clear vision of what your day will look like.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18.

When you know where you are going, there is no reason to be stressed about it!

3. You'll do the things you want to do

Remember being a child and going somewhere amazing (like Disney World) and wanting to ride three specific rides and eat at a certain food booth, but after spending too much time in the souvenir shop, realized you wouldn't be able to ride one of those rides?

That's what lacking a wedding timeline will do to you.

Want to have a first look with your father and another one with your husband? Make sure you make time for it, or it may not happen like you want it to.


When it comes to creating your wedding timeline, I would say either consult your wedding planner, and if you don't have one your photographer.

To help you get started, I've created this Wedding Planning Helper with different timeline examples, both for couples having a first look, and those going the traditional route. 

I hope you find this helpful, and if there is anything to take out of this, speak with a wedding professional to nail down your timeline!