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Alyson + Trey's "Authentic" Engagement session at Authentic Coffee Co.

I absolutely love college. Not because of the parties (ew), but because of the responsibility that age comes with. From choosing your career, where you will live, and who you will mingle with, it's...

Engagement Session at The Peninsula: Jen and Kenji

It's always the unexpected things that seem to bring people together. For Jen and Kenji, it was food, so it was only fitting to have their engagement session at the Peninsula, one of Nashville's...

The Factory Engagement Session: Andria and Keith

One thing I'm always grateful for as a Nashville Wedding Photographer is the character of each couple I get to work with. This is especially true for Andria and Keith during their engagement session...

Long Hunter State Park Engagement Session: Mara and Mark

Where do I even start? I could begin with talking about meeting Mara and Mark for their Long Hunter State Park engagement session.

Victoria and Brandin's Nashville Engagement Session

You know those TV shows where there is usually a young couple who start out as friends, one of them moves away, they forget about each other, and then comes back to the main character's life years...

A Cabin in the Woods: Laura + Bryan

What makes for an incredibly memorable day before the wedding? A hot and humid Tennessee day in July in the middle of nowhere at a cabin in the woods. Oh, and Laura and Bryan’s incessant laughter and...

Home Engagement Session: Cody + Haylee

Meeting Cody and Haylee came about different than how I typically meet my couples. The two of them entered a drawing at La Gala in Bowling Green, KY for an engagement session with me! (If you are...

Cumberland Park: Alex + Heather

When meeting with Alex and Heather at Cumberland Park, there was only one goal in mind: to have fun. And man, is fun a wonderful way to describe these two!

Carnival: Courtney + Alan

There are two things that go fantastic together: Love, and cotton candy. At this carnival engagement with Courtney and Alan, there was an abundance of both!

Why You Need an E-Session

If you are engaged, you are probably wondering, should I have an engagement session? My answer? YES! Here are 3 reasons why you need an engagement session.

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