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Sidney and TJ's Engagement Session at The Ruby Cora

One of the most beautiful areas in Middle Tennessee is Adams. Conveniently, that's where the Ruby Cora is, where Sidney and TJ will be getting married!

To celebrate the marriage that will be coming in the next few months, Sidney and TJ were invited to have their engagement session here.

That's just what they did!

Sidney and TJ

If there's one thing many people know about me, it's that I LOVE Coffee! But, Sidney and TJ aren't big fans of it. We all agree, however, that coke floats are where it's at!

This in mind, we decided to meet for the first time together at Soda Parlor in Nashville.

As we talked, we bonded over our love for all things Disney, graphic design, and music. (This is Nashville after all!)

We lingered on the topic of Disney for a while, of course, because TJ became the best guy in the world when he proposed to Sidney in front of Cinderella's Castle!

I told him I wasn't going to tell Grace because she'd be jealous, but I guess she can read about it here. (Sorry hun!)

The more we talked, the more excited we all became with the idea of me becoming their wedding and engagement photographer.

Before we sipped the last drop of our coke floats, we crossed the "t"'s and dotted the "i"s and Sidney became a #derekcoutsbride!

The engagement session

Fast forward just a couple months and we each met at the Ruby Cora. The two were ready to explore the fields, stand in front of the Alter, and even stare off into the lake.

Seriously, it's an amazing venue!

We laughed, we fell out of benches (oops!), and made really dumb jokes together.

But, we loved every second of it!

Sidney and TJ, I can't wait for your wedding! Until then, enjoy the photos (;

Sidney and TJ Engagement-2

Sidney and TJ Engagement-3

Sidney and TJ Engagement-4

Sidney and TJ Engagement-5

Sidney and TJ Engagement-6

Sidney and TJ Engagement-1

Sidney and TJ Engagement-12

Sidney and TJ Engagement-7

Sidney and TJ Engagement-11

Sidney and TJ Engagement-10

Sidney and TJ Engagement-14

Sidney and TJ Engagement-13

Sidney and TJ Engagement-17

Sidney and TJ Engagement-18

Sidney and TJ Engagement-22