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Hermitage Golf Course: Holly and Demetris

Holly and Demetris's Interracial Wedding at Hermitage Golf Course Can I be honest and tell you some of my favorite weddings are interracial weddings?

Barn in the Bend Wedding: Rachel and Michael

If there is one thing anyone should know about Tennessee, it's knowing that when it's hot, it's also humid. That's exactly what it was like on May 27, 2018 at the Barn in the Bend.

Josh and Lauren's Marriage Proposal at Nashville Gaylord Springs Golf Links

Ok, I have to be honest, shooting a marriage proposal is new territory to me!

Engagement Session at The Peninsula: Jen and Kenji

It's always the unexpected things that seem to bring people together. For Jen and Kenji, it was food, so it was only fitting to have their engagement session at the Peninsula, one of Nashville's...

The Factory Engagement Session: Andria and Keith

One thing I'm always grateful for as a Nashville Wedding Photographer is the character of each couple I get to work with. This is especially true for Andria and Keith during their engagement session...

Long Hunter State Park Engagement Session: Mara and Mark

Where do I even start? I could begin with talking about meeting Mara and Mark for their Long Hunter State Park engagement session.

Opryland Hotel Engagement Session: Alisha and Will

"What are some of your hobbies?"

Victoria and Brandin's Nashville Engagement Session

You know those TV shows where there is usually a young couple who start out as friends, one of them moves away, they forget about each other, and then comes back to the main character's life years...

Downtown Antique Mall: Samantha & Caleb

The Downtown Antique Mall is one of the many treasures in Nashville, Tennessee. It almost makes for an adventurous location for an engagement session, much like Samantha and Caleb's.

Telltale Signs a Proposal May Be Near

It's February and that means every guy has one thing on his mind: Valentine's Day. But, this year may be a bit different for your boyfriend as he could be planning your engagement! After all, more...