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Long Hunter State Park Engagement Session: Mara and Mark

Long Hunter State Park sign

Where do I even start? I could begin with talking about meeting Mara and Mark for their Long Hunter State Park engagement session.

I could start with how we made sure to start off the session making sure Mara had her favorite coffee (vanilla chi latte with 2 shots of expresso).

However, I think the best way to start off this presentation of Mara and Mark's engagement session would be to introduce you to the couple.

Mara and Mark

When first speaking with Mara and Mark about their wedding, I got the impression that they were incredibly bubbly and relaxed.

Maybe it was the emojis used in her first email to me, or the abundance of exclamations used, but something in me said, "They're going to be fun!"

Fast forward to meeting at Long Hunter State Park for their engagement session, and I realized very quickly I had the right impression of them!

I mean, you have to be a fun couple if you want to go back to the same park you got lost at while mountain biking, right?

(Sorry Mark that you didn't get to go full Bear Grylls that night! Maybe next time? haha!)

Of course, the session started off as every engagement session does.

Both claiming they're incredibly awkward, not knowing what to do in front of the camera, etc.

Here's my little secret though: awkward is the best way to be!

I only know this because I'm a little lot awkward myself!

Finding out how quirky they were wasn't the only thing I learned about them, however.

For instance, Mara has an incredibly compassionate heart!

From her mission trip (by herself) to the Dominican Republic to being a nanny, it's clear that service is at the heart of this woman.

And, complimentary to Mara, Mark is exceptionally thoughtful.

Seriously, he was able to sneak a bit of a surprise to Mara when asking her to marry him and letting her know it was happening by playing their favorite song over a loud speaker in Nashville.

(Nice touch Mark!)

Long Hunter State Park

Having a Long Hunter State Park engagement session is kind of a big deal in Nashville.

(Seriously, ask any Nashville wedding photographer.)

But something about this engagement session was unique.

So much of Mara and Mark's relationship has been centered around Long Hunter State Park.

From taking strolls on the trail to getting lost in the woods together, they share many memories together.

What I'm most looking forward to, in all of this, is sharing one special memory that will last a lifetime: their wedding at the Wedding Woods.

Mara and Mark, you two are so darn fantastic! I cannot wait for your wedding (and the cake...we all love the cake)!

couple standing by the lake at Long Hunter State Park

Couple walking the trail at Long Hunter State Park

Man with back to camera and woman holding onto arm engagement picture

couple holding hands and walking by lake at Long Hunter State Park

Long Hunter State Park Lakeside

Intimate couple sitting beside each other outside

Couple sitting on a rock

Long Hunter State Park Trailhead

yellow flower field long hunter state park

couple dancing in a field of flowers

couple dancing in flower field

couple dancing together

couple dancing ring shot

couple laughing together while dancing

man putting flower in woman's hair

woman laughing with flower in her hair

Long Hunter State Park Bridg

couple holding hands together on bridge

intimate photo of man holding woman's neck

funny couple's photo of man licking woman's nose

couple laughing and holding each other on bridge

couple laughing and holding each other on bridge at Long Hunter State Park engagement session

engagement photos at Long Hunter State Park