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Why I'm Called to Work

Every morning, before I leave the house, I make sure to tell Grace I love her. Even though he is asleep, I kiss Rowan and tell him he is loved. Not a day goes by where I do not think of how blessed I am by them. I wish I could spend my days playing with Rowan, being present with him as he grows and changes each day, and I would love to lavish my love on Grace from sunrise to sunset. Spending every moment with Grace and Rowan, however, is not how I am called to love them.

A Man's Call

From the beginning, God had one intention for man: to share in His love by working. After God gave Adam, Eve, He called Adam serve Him and Eve by tending the Garden of Eden. Adam was called to work. If this calling for men to serve our families through work existed prior to sin entering into our world, would it not make sense that this is our calling even today?

Every call I make, message I write, photograph I take are tasks that help me serve God, Grace, and Rowan every day. Even though I cannot be with them every moment, I show I love them through work.

Called to Work