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How to Look Good for Engagement Photos

I was doing a basic search on Google, and one of the top suggested searches was how to look good for engagement photos.

This resonated with me because when I first started photography, something I would hear often from clients was, "just make me look good." Over time, I have heard that less and less because my clients know that I will make them look great. Many of them hire me because they believe my photos are authentic and real, and it draws them to me.

The key on how to look good for engagement photos is simply this: have an authentic engagement session.

How to Look Good for Engagement Photos

Having an authentic engagement session is incredibly easy, because you just need to do things you enjoy!

When you enjoy what you do as a couple, the smiles will come naturally. Flirting will be how you communicate. You will feel relaxed.

At the start of my wedding photography business, I would ask couples to act natural.  As it turns out, saying that is one of the worst things you can tell anyone during a shoot (or any time). Why? Because they act totally unnatural! This led to forced smiles, awkward posing.

After doing a bit of reading (because I love to read), I found out that people will act most natural when they are in familiar territory. Since I'm a believer in not only reading to gain knowledge, but also implementing that knowledge, I took a new approach to engagement photography.

Usually when a couple thinks of engagement photos, they immediately start picturing photos in a field, maybe near a barn (if you live in the South), or at a park.

There is only one reason I will shoot at any of these locations, and that is if it is authentic to the couple!

Instead of shooting where my couples initially suggest, I challenge them to think of things they enjoy doing together. That means sitting together over coffee at Starbucks, hiking a mountain, or exploring the backyard at home. 

Aside from thinking of activities they do together, I encourage my couples to think of a few other things.

What to Wear

bride-to-be and groom-to-be walkingI've already written about this before, and you can view that here. The biggest takeaway here, is to wear complimentary articles of clothing, but don't change your style!

Have a Photographer You Trust

This is huge, especially if your engagement photographer is also going to be your wedding photographer. If you have an amateur photographer shooting you, you may feel stressed or uneasy about how the photos may turn out. That's not the case for all beginner photographers, but it is a risk about having newbies shoot for you. (I was once there, an I'm so thankful for my first clients allowing me to test on them!)

If you don't jive well with your photographer, I can tell you now, that is not how to look good for engagement photos, or any photos for that matter! Trust is a huge thing, and if you don't jive either because of style or personalities, I can 100% guarantee you will not have an amazing photo experience.

Want to know more tips on how to look good for engagement photos?

I have a FREE EBOOK on How to Have an Authentic Engagement Session. In here, I cover how to figure out your hobbies and activities, when the best times are for natural light photographs, detailed ideas on picking out what to wear for your engagement session, and how to know if you have found the right photographer for you.

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