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How I Stay Happy (:

I got to thinking, and I realized my past couple of posts haven't had the happiest titles (What's the Point and I Want to Go Back). I promise, I'm happy! Incredibly happy, in fact. I am doing something that I love, I have an amazing wife, and my son is my BEST friend! Most people who know me know that I am an extremely optimistic person. I believe for every bad thing in life, there is a greater good to go with it. So, how do I stay happy?

I March to the Beat of My Own Drum

I've never been one to follow the steps of another. If I can't be authentic, then it means nothing to me. Sure, I can try to mimic other great people and follow other people's dreams for me. I could also be myself. I like Forrest Gump's answer to Jennie when she asked him, "Do you ever dream, Forrest, about who you're gonna be?" His response is perfect. "Aren't I going to be me?"

Being me means that I don't face the pressure of being what others expects me to be. I can be awkward, kind, and creative. Being me means I have purpose in my life because I'm not trying to live someone else's purpose.

I Make Time for Me

My favorite time of each day? Going to the coffee shop for an hour and writing. Half the time, I don't buy anything. I just sit in there and enjoy the smell of coffee while listening to my "Focus" playlist. No one bothers me, and I zone out. I shut down every program on my laptop except for my word processing software so that I can write with no distractions. Notifications are turned off and the only thing I see are the words my mind transfers to my fingers and onto the screen. If I'm not writing, I'm reading.

Having a child, making sure you get time to yourself is important. As much as I want to spend EVERY moment with Rowan and Grace, it's actually healthier for me to spend a small amount of time away from them for myself. It helps me refill my energy tank and I have an opportunity to think about how awesome they are.

I Create

Creativity is in my DNA. I could not function in life if it were not for creativity. In truth, I believe this to be true for everyone. We are all creatives in our own way, even if it isn't by being an artist. At least, the artist we traditionally think about. Architects design buildings. Entrepreneurs create business plans. Pastors create sermons. Even factory workers create. When you realize that whatever you are doing allows for an opportunity to create, you tend to have a better mindset about what you are doing.

I believe this is God's design for creation. He had so much love to share, He had to create something to share that love with. In turn, we were created, and I believe that He instilled in us the desire to create to so we could experience that overflow of love as well.

By marching to the beat of my own drum, making time for myself, and creating, I stay happy. Of course, no matter where you are in life, there is only one true source of happiness, and that is found in the love of Jesus Christ. Knowing Christ died for my sins so I could spend my eternity with him is reason enough to be happy.

How do I stay happy