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How Do I Stay Creative?

No matter what I do, sometimes for days (or weeks), I just feel drained. Often I feel unmotivated, insecure, or just plain doubtful.BUT, I am a man who believes in finding solutions, not problem, and I know there is a solution to this feeling. I just need to exercise my creative mind. So how to I stay creative?

The Solution

Creativity is how I thrive. I like to think of it as my sun; without it, I wither. Maintaining a creative mind is something that, if neglected, will eventually dwindle out and die. Feeling unmotivated, insecure, and doubtful are my queues that I am neglecting my creative mind. Side note: it's good to be aware of your queues or you will not find your solutions In order for me to be creative, I resort to story telling.

Story telling and take form in many ways: dance, poetry, drawing... For me, it takes place in writing, photography, and (a new one for me) vlogging.


When I write, it is usually on a notepad to myself where I vent out my frustrations. I tell myself the story of why I am frustrated and why I feel the way I do. Rarely do I publish these writing prompts, and for good reason! Here's a statement of humility for myself: when I start a rant, I can often be ridiculous :( Just ask my wife! I love you, Grace, and I'm sorry for my crazy!


Photography is a given. This website, after all, is my photographic portfolio! But each photograph tells a story. The couple on the mountain top represents a past-time they share! The carnival engagement tells the story of how fun the couple is.
kissing-on-mountain-side-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Daniel


Finally, I've been vlogging to share with you a day of my life each week. Why am I vlogging? Because I need too for creativity sake. I really don't care if anyone ever watches it, because it's for myself. It gives me something to do and to look forward to each week as I put together my life in the frame of a story. It helps me see how #blessed I truly am. Just, for real blessed though.

If you do care to check it out, here is the link to my channel, and a fun video I recently put together.

So, how do you stay creative?