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Home Engagement Session: Cody + Haylee

Meeting Cody and Haylee came about different than how I typically meet my couples. The two of them entered a drawing at La Gala in Bowling Green, KY for an engagement session with me! (If you are thinking, "What is a Nashville Wedding Photographer doing in Bowling Green, KY?" it is because of some awesome friends I've made that live in KY. You can check out their wedding here!) After Haylee reached out to me and I explained the importance of having an Authentic Engagement Session, we decided it would be best to have a home engagement session.

Why the Home Engagement Session

There are many types of couples. Some couples are adventurous, others love to go out on dates. For Haylee and Cody, they are about intimacy and spending time outside at their house together. One of the things I cover in my Authentic Engagement Session Guide is to base your session around an activity you enjoy together. In doing so, you'll find that you end up at the right location and in an environment you are familiar with.

The Story

After arriving at Cody and Haylee's house, we hit it off immediately. In fact, when I was pulling in their driveway, I noticed the two of them were flirting as Cody was holding Haylee tight. That's a good sign for an intimate session!

When I walked up to the amazing couple, I noticed at the front of their door is a wood board that reads, "Welcome."  That's just how the two of them made me feel! As we were shooting, they twirled each other, set up a small blanket under a small grove of trees and put yellow honeysuckles in each others hair. They really made the most of their home during this engagement session.

I'll stop my blabbering now, because you just need to see how awesome of a couple they are! Just check out these amazing photos!

Cody and Haylee Home Engagement Session on porch

Haylee laughing with Cody

Haylee laughing with Cody

home welcome sign engagement session

Cody and Haylee holding hands during home engagement session

Cody and Haylee hugging during engagement session

intimate backyard home engagement

couple holding hands during home engagement session

Setting out a blanket for engagement session

Fluffing out blanket during photo shoot

Blanket laid out in small grove of trees

Cody holding Haylee during engagement shoot

Cody and Haylee laughing during home engagement session

engagement ring shot

Holding hands during engagement shoot

Intimate hand hold engagement session

excited dog during engagement session at home

Cody and Haylee with their dog

wood shed in backyard

backyard decoration

cody and haylee holding each other during home engagement session in front of shed

couple pulling each other in

man holding onto woman's back

posing with man behind woman

man holding woman in air for kiss

man and woman picking honeysuckles

Cody picking honeysuckles for Haylee

Placing honeysuckle in woman's hair

Standing in front of barn and looking at each other

Way to stay authentic you two! Congratulations!