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Cumberland Park: Alex + Heather

When meeting with Alex and Heather at Cumberland Park, there was only one goal in mind: to have fun. And man, is fun a wonderful way to describe these two!

Heather met Alex through a series of mutual friends at a party, and she told me exactly what she thought of him initially. "This guy is a jerk!" Alex serves in the military, and it would be an understatement to say he is confident. Confident enough to be able to make the right moves to change Heather's mind about him! Fast forward a few years, and the two of them are now married!

While at Cumberland Park, as I was watching the two of them flirt, I noticed how sure each other felt when holding on to each other. While Heather would lean in closer to Alex, he would in turn bring out the biggest of smiles from her. They are the very definition of romantic love!

Cumberland ParkAlex and HeatherHeather and Alex RingHeather and Alex Cumberland ParkCumberland ParkAlex and Heather in the field