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3 Reasons Why My Wife Rocks

When it comes to having a best friend, there is none other like my wife. Yes, I have my best friend who is the worship leader at the church I attend. There is even my best friend from middle school that I don’t see as much anymore, but he’s still awesome. But, as cool as they are, they just have nothing on Grace! Specifically, there are 3 reasons why my wife rocks.

My wife Grace and son Rowan

It’s in Her Name

If there was anything this world could use more of, it would be more grace. The kind of grace that when someone messes up, forgiveness is immediately given and doesn’t use the forgiveness as leverage to gain anything in return. This characteristic is evident in my wife, and coincidentally, it is even her name.
Time and time again I have messed up and failed her in some areas of our marriage, but each time she gives grace. When it comes to leading a Christ like example in forgiving someone “seventy times seven,” there is no greater example of a person I can think than my wife.

She’s a ROCKSTAR Mother

What’s harder than being a wife? Being a mother! When Grace and I found out she was pregnant three months into our marriage, she adjusted to a new lifestyle immediately. Clothes weren’t about her anymore, but what our child would wear. The movies we started to buy had to be kid friendly because she wanted to have amazing family movie nights. All of the things that were once for her immediately became about our baby on the way. When Rowan finally came, Grace became the most amazing mother.
Two years into parenting now and I see that whenever she is with him, she is in her element. Whether it means suffering through Mary Poppins (or what has now become known as “Mary Mommins”) 5 times a day or sharing her meal because Rowan wants her food because it’s better on mom’s plate than his (even though it’s the same thing), she really shines as a mother.

She Does Her Best

We all have our days, sometimes weeks, where we don’t feel like ourselves. My wife and myself are no exception. There are times I can tell that Grace is not feeling like doing anything except rest. She needs it! Sometimes I don’t show the most patience for it because, honestly, patience is not what I’m always known for. Even during her times of rest, she still tries her hardest. I haven’t gone without food because of her, Rowan is still played with, and at the end of the day, she has done what she has set out to do that day. She serves her family where she is strongest, and in doing so, she shows she has done her best

This Could Go On

Truthfully, there are thousands of reasons why my wife rocks. I could talk about how warm she is to hold, her contentment, or even how cute she is when she sleeps. I also know that she isn’t perfect, but no one is. But she is perfect for me. Because of her, I love marriage.
So, to any of my readers, clients, friends, or people who have just happened to stumble upon this, if you decide to get married, just know that your spouse is going to rock.