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Derek Working

At the heart of this business, I'm a wedding photographer turned Marketing manager.

I spent 4 years photographing weddings, had a great time, but wanted something different. Something that would have a meaningful impact on people at a larger scale.

Insert the start of my marketing agency.

By handling the marketing for other businesses, I'm able to help businesses focus on what they're great at while I do what I rock at.

That means more time and energy focused on serving their existing customers rather than trying to figure out how to generate new customers, which means a better experience for them.

And a better experience means a happier customer.

And happy customers refer other customers like them to you.

It's a trickle effect!

Look, I'm no super hero, because if I was, I'd be living in some metropolis wearing glasses to disguise my amazingness and probably working some boring newspaper job, probably hanging out with Stan Lee...

Thank God I'm none of that!

No, I'm just some young guy who is basic as all get out in the fall (seriously, pumpkin spice everything!), loves Disney World immensely, and am a die hard Nashville Predators fan since 2000 (I am NOT some bandwagon Preds fan because we were SO stinking close to winning the cup in 2017! But, I digress...).

Aside from those quirky things that make me who I am, I really owe everything to my wife, Grace, who has shaped me into the man I am today, and my two very loud boys, Rowan (3) and Oliver (1).

"So Derek, what's your dream?"

I'm glad you asked. I want to move into an RV and travel the US with my wife and kids!

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Derek Walking