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Cumberland Park: Alex + Heather

When meeting with Alex and Heather at Cumberland Park, there was only one goal in mind: to have fun. And man, is fun a wonderful way to describe these two!

Nashville Bridge: Seth + Raegan

Meeting Seth and Raegan at the Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN, we all had one thing in mind: to have fun on this shoot!

Bagsby Ranch : Courtney + Alan

Love is often found in the most beautiful places, and for Courtney and Alan, love was made complete at Bagsby Ranch in Gallatin, TN.

Anniversary: Brandan + Nicole

It's always amazes me how fast time really does go by. Take Nicole and Brandan, for example. On September 26, 2015 (one year ago) Nicole and Brandan said their vows to each other and became husband...

Carnival: Courtney + Alan

There are two things that go fantastic together: Love, and cotton candy. At this carnival engagement with Courtney and Alan, there was an abundance of both!

Derek Couts: Wedding Guide

In January, I announced I was working on a bride guide to help with planning your wedding. I am so glad to announce that it is finally ready! It went through several changes, delays,...

It's Going to be a Good Week

I woke up late this morning, rushed to grab my coffee, had 5 minutes to read my devotion, and can barely move from last night's workout. Regardless, it's going to be a good week.

Why You Need an E-Session

If you are engaged, you are probably wondering, should I have an engagement session? My answer? YES! Here are 3 reasons why you need an engagement session.

Travellers Rest: Aaron and Shelby

Nashville's oldest public house museum, Travellers Rest Plantation in Franklin, TN is an amazing venue with a historic background and beautiful scenery.

Backyard Barn Wedding: John + Casey

When you hear Barn Wedding, you think farms and mason Jars. When I hear Barn Wedding, I hear "John and Casey." These two are a match made in heaven. Every word they say and every thing they do...