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A Cabin in the Woods: Laura + Bryan

What makes for an incredibly memorable day before the wedding? A hot and humid Tennessee day in July in the middle of nowhere at a cabin in the woods. Oh, and Laura and Bryan’s incessant laughter and joy in the middle of it all!

When Laura and Bryan booked me to be their photographer in February (2017), I was INCREDIBLY excited! Especially because she is Sarah’s best friend! (If you don’t remember, I shot Sarah’s wedding last May.) Not only was I excited, but so was Laura! So much in fact, she contacted me before
their engagement. If you ask me, I’d say she just had a really good idea it was about to happen (;

If there is one thing I insist on to all of my brides, it is that they should remain authentic to themselves! To help Laura out, I sent her my “Authentic Engagement Guide” that is available upon subscribing to my newsletter. After looking at the guide and being torn between coming to Nashville for the portrait session or having it at a cabin in the woods, Laura and Bryan both felt that they would have the best results at the cabin!

This cabin has a special place in Bryan’s heart because he would go camping there often while growing up. No electricity, no distractions…all nature. If it weren’t for the sweltering heat on this day, it would definitely have made for the perfect cozy place in the middle of nowhere.

As it happens, every couple I shoot swears on all things holy that they MUST be the most awkward couple I’ve worked with! As it turns out, every couple I work with is awkward in their own way, and I LOVE IT! I’m 110% sure that I am the world’s most awkward photographer, so I love being around awkward people.

From the start of the Engagement Session, I told Laura and Bryan, “If you don’t know what to do and feel awkward, you can’t go wrong with a kiss!” (Queue incessant kissing by Bryan!) The two were full of laughter, jokes, and most importantly, their own unique way of flirting. I guess that’s the awesome combination of two people meeting at Tequila Cowboy, all because a friend introduced the two of them together after meeting by a chance encounter. I believe you could say Laura and Bryan fell in love like lightning (;

Cabin in the woods Landscape

Cabin in the woods Portrait

Wind Chimes on the cabin in the woods

Laura and Bryan Engagement Session-1

Laura and Bryan walking in the woods

Laura and Bryan Walking in the woods

Laura and Bryan kissing in the woods

Laura's Srock

Whispering sweet nothings in the woods

holding hands in the woods

holding hands in the woods

Bride looking softly away from groom

Laura and Bryan holding each other intimately

Love mugs

Couple holding love mugs

Love you a bushel and a peck mug

And a Hug around the neck mug

engaged couple holding each other

engaged couple holding each other intimately

bride-to-be holding onto groom-to-be

bride-to-be and groom-to-be walking

engaged couple at a cabin in the woods

Engaged couple holding each other in the woods

S flower wreath